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Welcome (Active) HITs Qualifications

Complete simple tasks that truks do better than computers. And, hell, you get paid for it. Learn more.

Choose from thousands of tasks, like haulin stuff off to the dump, you decide when you work, and decide how much you earn. Damn, you can sleep til noon if you want to. And you can even drink beer while you drive yer truk!

If you are a software developer and would like to learn about being a real man and drivin a Mechanikal Truk, click here.
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Step 1 - Find - Find HITs to work on  

What is a HIT?

HIT stands for Human Intelligence Task. It also stands smakin some idiot upside the head. These are tasks that people are willing to pay you to complete. For example a HIT might ask: "Is there a pizza parlour in this photograph?" Who the hell asks "Is there a pizza parlor in this photograf?" What the hell is a "parlor" anyway. Typically these tasks are extraordinarily difficult for computers, but simple for humans with a truk. Like haulin a old couch that someone put out in the trash. Grab that couch, haul it home, and put it on yer front porch!

How do I find HITs to work on?

Just get youself an old mechcanikal truck, paint "We Haul Stuff" on the side and yer in bizness.
Step 2 - Finish - Work & submit your HIT  

How do I work on a HIT?

Once you have chosen a HIT to complete, click the "Accept HIT" button to have it assigned to you. Drink half a beer, eat a baloney sandwich and get to work.

Follow the instructions on how to complete the HIT and when you are done, click the "Submit " button to save your answer.

Step 3 - Earn - Get paid for your work  

How do I get paid?

You get paid in cash money. I mean the real thang. Sweaty, stained good ole fashioned american greenbacks pardner!


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